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Why don't you have that song that I love?

Rhapsody has millions of songs, but unfortunately we don't have everything. And we feel your pain, too.

While we work with artists and record companies to make as much music available as we can, ultimately the decisions for what we can and can't stream lie with those artists and record companies. Sometimes there are just delays on new music; other times, an artist decides to remove their music from streaming completely. An artist may decide not to give us their music, or a record company may remove music that was once available. So you may see music occasionally come and go from our catalog. This is true for all digital music services, though we're happy to say we're still going steady with Taylor Swift.

The good news is, we add thousands of songs each week, so check back often - and in the meantime, you can request music anytime by filling up the form given below or you can even visit http://www.rhapsody.com/requests


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