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Making and Playing Radio Stations

With Rhapsody unRadio, you can make your own radio stations. unRadio is available as its own tier, and it's also included in Premier subscriptions. Below are step-by-step instructions for using Rhapsody unRadio on Android, iOS, and the web

1. Android

unRadio Home Screen

Swipe up & down for more sections

1. Main menu
2. Search
3. App Settings
4. Recent stations
5. Create a station
6. Stations you saved
7. Listening history
8. Favorites
9. Stations by genre
10. Live stations worldwide
11. Most played by other members
12. Staff picks & posts




Editing "My Stations"

1. Tap "My Stations" from the Home screen
2. Tap the + icon to remove a station

a my stations.png



 Programmed stations by category

1. Tap "Stations" from the Home screen
2. Tap a genre to see programmed stations
3. Tap a station name to start playing
4. Tap the + icon to add to My Stations



Live Radio

Radio from around the globe

1. Tap Live Radio from the Home screen
2. Tap Set Location to choose region
3. Tap a station name to start playing
4. Choose from Music, News, Talk & Sports





Access Radio

Listen to programmed stations, create your own, or listen live worldwide.

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap Radio



Create a Station

With unRadio, you can create a station based on an artist, song or genre. Tap the + icon to add a station to My Stations.

Create a station based on artist or song:
1.  Tap "Create a Station."
2.  Search for Artist or Song


Create a station based on genre:
1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap "unRadio"
3.  Tap "Station by Genre"
4.  Tap a category to see genre stations



Tune a Station

1.  Tap Tune
2.  Slide left for more original artist, slide right for more diversity
3. Tap X to remove an upcoming song




Live Radio

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu in the upper left corner.
2.  Tap "Radio."
3.  Scroll down and tap "Live Radio."
4.  Tap the search icon to find a local station.




3. Website (www.rhapsody.com)

Click unRadio, then enter an artist or song to start a personal station. Or click the tabs at the top to listen to other popular stations, find radio by genre, and see stations you've saved.




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