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iPhone + iPod Touch App Guide

Everything you need to get most from our iOS app.

Get the App

1.  Open the App Store
2.  Search for Rhapsody
3.  Tap Install

Sign In

1. Open the app
2. Tap Sign In
3. Sign in with your Rhapsody username & password, or with Facebook.


Main Menu

Swipe right or tap the menu icon


Home Screen

1.  Main menu

2.  View My Music

3.  Staff picks & posts

4.  New music every Tuesday

5. Popular with other members

6. Browse Genres & More



Staff picks & posts



New Releases

New music every Tuesday




Popular with other members



Browse Genres & More







My Music 

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap My Music
3.  Tap Library or Downloads at the top



1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap Search
3.  Enter an artist, album, or song


The Main Player

1.     Collapse the player
2.     Equalizer
3.     Return to song source
4.     Favorite
5.     Options
6.     Progress slider
7.     Shuffle
8.     Previous song
9.     Play / Pause
10.   Next song
11.   Repeat


Organize Your Music

1. Tap the + icon
2. Tap an option


Save Favorites

Tap the heart icon while playing a song


Access Favorites

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap My Music
3.  Tap Favorite Tracks


Access Radio

Listen to programmed stations, create your own, or listen live worldwide.

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap Radio


Create a Station

Create a station based on an artist, song or genre

Tap the + icon to add a station to My Stations

Create a station based on artist or song:
1.  Tap Create a Station
2.  Search for Artist or Song


Create a station based on genre:
1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap Radio
3.  Tap Station by Genre
4.  Tap a category to see genre stations


Tune a Station

1.  Tap Tune
2.  Slide left for more original artist, slide right for more diversity
3. Tap X to remove an upcoming song



Live Radio

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu
2.  Tap Radio
3.  Scroll down to and tap Live Radio
4.  Tap the search icon to find a local station



Make a Playlist

1.  Tap the + icon next to any song or album
2.  Tap Add to Playlist
3.  Tap Create New Playlist


Access Your Playlists

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap My Music
3.  Tap Playlists


Edit a Playlist

1.  Tap a playlist
2.  Tap Edit
3.  Tap the red circle to remove songs
4.  Drag up or down to reorder songs
5.  Tap the + icon for options


Delete a Playlist

1.  Open a playlist 
2.  Tap the + icon
3.  Tap Delete


Download Music

1.  Tap the down-arrow icon to download playlists or albums
2.  For individual songs, tap the + icon, the tap Download


Access Your Downloads

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap My Music
3.  Tap Downloads


Remove Individual Downloads

1.  From My Music tap Downloads
2.  Tap a section, for example, Tracks
3.  Tap the + icon
4.  Tap Remove Download



Remove All Downloads

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap Settings
3.  Tap Restore Default Settings
4.  Tap Reset All



1.  From a song or album tap the + icon
2.  Tap Share
3.  Tap an option

Note: You cannot share playlists from iOS app 


Add to the Queue

1.  Select a song, album, or playlist
2.  Tap the + icon
3.  Tap Add To Queue



Access the Queue

1.  Swipe right or tap the menu icon
2.  Tap Queue


Edit the Queue

1.  Tap Edit
2.  Tap & drag to reorder
3. Tap the red circle to remove
4.  Tap Clear All to remove all songs
5.  Tap Done when complete

i 310 queue edit box.png


Hear a song on TV, in a club, or on Live Radio? Find it in the Rhapsody catalog.

1. Tap TrackMatch from the main menu
2. Tap the microphone icon to start matching
3. Tap the + icon to remove tracks, view the album, or share.



1. Play a song
2. Tap the equalizer icon
3. Choose a preset


Music Inbox


To know more about "Music Inbox" Click Here

Listen For Free


To Know more of "Listen for Free" click here


App settings.

Swipe right or tap the menu, then tap Settings




The steps below fix most issues. Rhapsody requires iOS 6 or higher.

1.  Completely shut off your device and turn it back on

2.  Check for an app update

3.  Sign out of the app and back in:
       1. Tap Settings in the app.
       2. Tap Sign Out

4.  Force close the app:
      1.  Press the physical button once on the iOS device to close Rhapsody
      2.  Press the physical button twice to show background apps
      3.  For iOS 6, press and hold Rhapsody until the red circle appears, then tap the circle
      4.  For iOS 7 scroll to Rhapsody and swipe up

5.  Ensure there is some free space by checking iOS Settings > About > Available.

6.  Switch between WiFi, cell, & airplane mode.

7.  Turn off High Quality downloads and streams.
     1. Tap Settings in the app
     2. Scroll to High Quality Audio
     3. Set both Downloads and Streaming to OFF

8.  Deauthorize & reauthorize the device from your account.
     1. Sign in to https://account.rhapsody.com
     2. Click "Authorization"
     3. Scroll to your iOS device
     4. Click "Deauthorize"
     5. Open the Rhapsody mobile app and sign back in to reauthorize

9.  Restore the app. Library and playlists are safe, but saved songs are removed.
      1.  Tap Settings in the app.
      2.  Tap Restore Default Settings
      3.  Re-download any saved songs

10.  If all else fails, uninstall & reinstall the app.
     1.  Press & hold the app icon
     2.  When the icons shake, tap the "X"
     3.  Tap Delete


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