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Windows Phone App Guide

Get Rhapsody

1) Open the Windows Phone Store

2) Search for Rhapsody

3) Tap Install

4) Tap the Rhapsody icon on the home screen

Sign In

1) Enter your username & password

2) Tap the Check option

3) Forgot your password? Click here

Home Screen

1) Search - Search by Artist, Album, or Track

2) Browse - Browse our catalog by Genre, New, and Featured content

3) Popular - What other Rhapsody members are listening to. Tap to see top charts by track, album & artist

4) My Music - Music you've collected by Artists, Albums, and Tracks

5) Radio - Listen to hundreds of Rhapsody Radio stations

6) Playlists - View your playlists or check those created by our staff

7) Downloads - Downloaded Rhapsody tracks for offline listening

8) Now Playing - Opens the Player

9) Queue - List of your current queue

10) Home/Playback Controls - Quick access to the Rhapsody home screen and playback controls

11) Menu - Displays all menu options for the current view


1) Tap the Home icon at next to the playback controls to return to the Rhapsody home screen

2) Use your phone's Back button to navigate to the previous page


1) From the Rhapsody home screen, tap Search

2) Enter your favorite artist, album, or track

Playback Screen

1) Now Playing & History - Swipe left/right to switch between the Now Playing and your listening history

2) Track Info - Track Name, Artist Name, and Album Art

3) Playback Info - Playback Timer, Track Position in queue, Home, Previous, Play/Pause, and Next

4) Player Options - Shuffle, View Album, More from this Artist, Add to My Music


1) Tap and Hold on an album, playlist, or track

2) Tap your option

Download Music

1) Tap and Hold on an album, playlist, or track

2) Tap Download


1) From the Rhapsody home screen, tap the menu

2) Tap Settings

3) Swipe left or right to switch between:

    a) Account settings

         i) View your Username

         ii) View your Account Type

         iii) Sign Out of your account

         iv) Start/stop publishing your listening history to Facebook

    b) Audio settings

         i) Toggle High Quality Audio - Remember, HQ streaming and downloads consume more data

    c) About

         i) View the App version

         ii) Get live help and read populart how-to articles

         iii) Rate and Review the App



1) From the Windows Phone home screen, swipe from right to left to view the app list

2) Scroll down until you locate Rhapsody

3) Tap and Hold the Rhapsody icon until a menu pops up

4) Tap Uninstall

5) Tap Yes

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