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Concerts for Android Guide


Get Rhapsody Concerts

1) Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone
2) Search for Rhapsody Concerts
3) Tap Install
4) Tap Open from the Google Play Store, or tap the Rhapsody Concerts icon on the home screen

Sign In

1) Tap the Navigation button
2) Tap Settings
3) Tap Sign In
4) Enter your Rhapsody username and password
5) Tap Sign In
6) Forgot your password? Click here


1) Tap the menu icon to open the navigation drawer

Home Screen/Popular

1) Popular upcoming concerts based off of your location
2) Search for artists or venues 3) Tap any concert to:
       a) View the lineup
       b) Check out the venue information
       c) Share concert details with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more... you can even add the concert details to your calendar!
       d) Get tickets for the show

Concert Details

From the concert page you can:
1) Share concert details with your friends
2) View the lineup
3) View the venue details
4) Get tickets
5) See more info about the artist(s):
       a) See their tour dates and locations
       b) View top tracks for that artist. Rhapsody subscribers can play full length tracks from within the Concerts app
       c) View albums for that artist
       d) View similar artists


1) Open the navigation drawer and tap Calendar to view a calendar of upcoming concerts based off of your location.
2) View past and future concerts by tapping Change and picking the desired date.


1) Open the navigation drawer and tap Venues to see a list of venues closed to your location
2) Tap a venue to view the schedule for that venue
3) See a map with venue locations by tapping Map
4) Get directions to a venue:
       a) Tap a venue
       b) Tap Details
       c) Now you can see a map view, and the address for the venue. Get directions to that venue by tapping Directions

Want to change your location? Open the navigation drawer and tap Change to switch your location or change the search radius


Featured Rhapsody playlists, created by our own editorial team. Rhapsody subscibers can play full-length tracks by signing in to the Concerts app with their Rhapsody account


Tap the search icon in the upper right to search for artists or venues

Buy Tickets

We've partnered with SeatGeek to allow you to buy tickets for available concerts. Learn more about SeatGeek here
1) Tap a concert you want to buy tickets for
2) Tap Get Tickets
3) You'll be taken to SeatGeek to finish purchasing your tickets

**Rhapsody does not handle ticket purchases, all purchases are done through SeatGeek. If you have any questions or need help with your purchase, please contact SeatGeek here or send an email to hi@seatgeek.com**

Playing Music

Rhapsody subscribers can play full-length tracks in the Concerts app. To do this:
1) Go to an Artist page
2) Tap Tracks or Albums
3) Tap the track or album you want to listen to

You can also listen to our featured playlists by:
1) Open the navigation drawer
2) Tap Playlists
3) Select a playlist and tap Listen

Playing a track will open a mini player at the bottom that displays album art, track/artist info, and playback controls. You can even minimize the player by swiping down. Bring the player back up by swiping up on the minimized player.


Open the navigation drawer and tap Settings to:
1) Sign In to your Rhapsody account. Already signed in? View your username and Account Type, or Sign Out of your account
2) Change the Concert Search Radius
3) Check what version of Rhapsody Concerts you have, Send Us Your Feedback, view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, or Rate the App


1) Tap the Menu button on your phone
2) Tap Settings
3) Tap Applications
4) Tap Manage Applications
5) Scroll to Rhapsody Concerts
6) Tap Uninstall
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