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Track Match

What is Track Match?

Ever been sitting in a restaurant, or shopping in a store, and heard a song come on the speaker system that completely rocks - but you have no idea who sings it? Track Match aims to solve that problem by giving you a tool that listens to the song and then tries to digitally match it to one of over 30 million songs in our catalog. Once the track is matched, it's automatically added to a playlist for you, so you can remember it later.


How to Use Track Match

1.  In the app, tap the menu button in the upper left corner.
2.  Tap "Track Match."
3.  Tap the mic icon.
4.  Hold your phone near an audio source and give it a moment.
5.  After a match, tap the + icon to see more options.
6.  Choose an option - download it, add it to favorites, playlists, library, and more.

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