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What is "Music Inbox" in the App Menu?

Music Inbox captures push messages you might receive outside of the app. We'll send you occasional messages about music and artists we think you'll love, plus news about ways to share Rhapsody, new features, and exclusives. Plus, it'll capture the push messages that you might already be receiving today, so they won't disappear as soon as you tap them. 


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Can I remove the Notifications feature?

The inbox itself is a new feature of the Rhapsody app, and we really hope you find it useful. If not, you can delete individual messages within the inbox, or you can turn off the "badge" feature which tells you when you've received new messages. In Settings, look for Notifications and un-check the box.


How do I turn off push messages that I see in Notifications?

You can turn off new push messages by following these steps. Please note, by disabling Push, you will no longer receive any messages from Rhapsody's app - even those that are personalized to your musical tastes and the artists you love.

1. Tap the menu button.

2. Tap Settings.


3. Uncheck the checkbox "Push Notifications".


How to turn on push messages that I see in Notifications?

You can turn on notifications by following the steps given below:

1. Tap the menu button.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Check the box "Push Notifications".


Can I opt-out of these notifications?

You can opt out of the red “badge” that lets you know when there are new messages in Notifications. 


How do I know if there is a notification?

If you're opted in, you will see a new message red “badge” on the Rhapsody app and within the app in the top navigation bar.  In order to turn on or off these updates, follow these steps:

1. Tap the menu button.

2. Tap Settings.

3. Check (or uncheck) the box "New Notifications Badge".



The notifications appears here:



What kind of notifications will I get?

We send messages that are saved in Notifications on personalized music topics such as new releases, newsletters, editorial posts and Artist Spotlights.  We also send you updates on your account when necessary, targeted offers from artists that you have listened to, and other updates we think you will find useful. We won't spam you - we'll do our best to target the messages you receive to your musical tastes, via the music you listen to on Rhapsody.

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