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How can I pay less than $12.99 for Rhapsody on my iOS device?


While Rhapsody Premier costs $9.99/month when you pay Rhapsody directly by signing up through www.rhapsody.com, the price is $12.99/month when you pay through Apple by signing up on your iOS device - because Apple charges 30% on all payments made through iTunes. We feel your pain - and we want you to pay less! So here's how.


How can I get Rhapsody Premier for $9.99 per month? And can I get it for less than that?

Yes and yes! You have two options: monthly billing for $9.99, or annual plan billing which lowers the monthly price to $7.99. In both cases, those prices and plans are available if you set up your account to have us bill you directly - rather than billing through iTunes.

Instructions on how to set this up are below. First, you'll want to cancel your account in the Apple store - but don't worry, we'll hold on to all your favorites and playlists, so you'll have all your music waiting for you.

How do I get Rhapsody Premier for $7.99/month?

Once you've canceled your current iTunes billing (instructions below), sign up for an annual plan. Pay once per year - $95.90 - and your monthly rate drops to $7.99/month for all the music you can listen to. Not bad.

Why does it cost more to sign up for Rhapsody Premier when I buy it from Apple vs. Rhapsody?

Apple charges 30% on all payments made through iTunes. You can sign up for the Rhapsody Premier plan at $9.99 per month by entering your payment method information in “My Account” on Rhapsody, and cancelling your Apple subscription. Instructions are below.

How do I cancel my Rhapsody Premier subscription billed through Apple in order to get Rhapsody Premier for $9.99 or less per month?

By billing through Rhapsody, you can save at least $3.00 per month vs. the current price in the iOS store. By following the steps below, you can sign up for $9.99/month (or even less, if you opt for the annual plan). 

To cancel a subscription purchased through Apple, first please disable auto-renew for the subscription in iTunes. Here's how to do it (and for more details, please visit Apple's page on managing auto-renewing subscriptions here):

1. Tap the App Store App on your iOS device
2. Tap "Featured" and scroll to the very bottom
3. Tap "Apple ID: example@mail.com"
4. Tap "View Account"
5. Sign-in if prompted
6. Tap "Manage" under "Subscriptions"
7. Tap Rhapsody
8. Slide Auto-Renewal to "Off"

Then sign up for Rhapsody Premier at $9.99 (or the discounted annual plan) by updating your payment method in Rhapsody with these steps:

1. Visit https://account.rhapsody.com
2. Sign-in with your username and password
3. Click “Edit” next to “Account Status”
4. Choose the subscription and enter a credit card (or PayPal)

Thank you for being a Rhapsody member!

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