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How to update your AT&T payment method directly through Rhapsody credit card / PayPal method

We want to make this process as fast and easy as possible for you, so here are the steps to update your former AT&T payment method for Rhapsody.

1. Access the link   http://order.rhapsody.com/checkout/att-payment-update?email={email_address}

2. Complete the fields "email address", "Password" and "Confirm Password" and click "Continue" when done.

3. Please update your credit card details. Then click "Continue" and you can start the application.

4. If you forgot your current password or try to enter an incorrect password at least once, a message appears above the field email with a link that says "Click here to retrieve your password. The password is sent to the email address you have reported. If you do not have access to the email address with which you registered on your Rhapsody account, click this link https://help.rhapsody.com/anonymous_requests/new  and enter the Help .

5. Now with your new password again access the link http://order.rhapsody.com/checkout/att-payment-update?email={email_address} and continue your update according to steps 1 and 2.


Some important points:

1. From the update you will have 30 days off to use the service, after this period will be charged normally.

2. For the 30 free days, updating data should be in the link http://order.rhapsody.com/checkout/att-payment-update?email={email_address}

3. All service data and profile will remain unchanged (playlists, bookmarks, downloads, followers, etc ...)


Thanks so much for being a Rhapsody subscriber!






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