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How to fix Error Occurred while playing back on Rhapsody iOS App

If you've receiving error occurred while playing back on iOS, try resetting the date and time on your device.  

Step 1: Go to settings on your iOS device. 

  1. Tap on General
  2. Tap on Date and Time



Step 2: Turn off the set automatically by tapping the toggle button available at the right side of the option.



Step 3:  Manually configure the Date & Time



Step 4: Set the time zone appropriately.

  1. Once the Date & Time and the Time zone is set appropriately. Exit the app and then try to playback the tracks. 



Step 5: Toggle back to set automatically and close out and reopen the Rhapsody App and try to playback the tracks again. 


If you are still seeing the error afterwards please email help@rhapsody.com with the following information.

  1. Please give us the track examples (eg: Name of the Artist, Album & Tracks) that you are trying to play when the error occurs?
  2. Are you able to play the downloaded songs?
  3. The exact steps you are taking to play the songs.
  4. Rhapsody app version.
  5. What is the cell phone carrier or internet service provider that you are using? 
  6. The streaming quality, of the song you chose to play. 
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