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Android 4.16 and Lollipop issues


Users who are using Android 4.4 or lower with our 4.15 build, then upgrade to Android 5.0 and try to download and install the 4.16 version of that app will receive installation errors.

 Users who are running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and try to download the 4.16 version of the app from the app store will receive installation errors.

 The error codes are -505 or -504.



 After investigation, it looks like Lollipop may be verifying app signature keys differently than before. So the app is downloading to the device, but it's not installing.  This issue is also happening if a Lollipop user tries to install 4.16 fresh from the play store.

 Users can try a few things to get out of this state.

 1) If they still see the app icon after updating, they can tap it to open the 4.15 version of the app. They may see a message that says “app not found” but it may open on the second attempt. It may also crash on first launch, but subsequent attempts may succeed.

 2) The user can reboot their phone while the Play store is displaying the “Installing” message, this will cause the phone to recheck the installed apps and clean them up.  When this happens, you might see a message saying "Updating".  If this completes, the app will be installed. Please note this method did not remedy the issue for all customers that attempted this route.

3) The user can try to uninstall the app and install the 4.15 version directly by clicking here


You will need to enable installation from unknown sources in order to download and install our app from this location. These steps will help you enable this feature:

 Settings >> Security >> Check "Unknown Sources" >> Accept any pop-up that appears


 Please Note:

 Not all Android 5 users have this same experience. Google is aware of the issue and is investigating. We have no further information from them on work arounds or time lines.

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