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How to fix authorization issues with Rhapsody 6 PC Software

This article contains instructions for resolving the error " The Computer could not be authorized" that happens when authorizing the computer on Rhapsody 6 PC software as shown in the screenshot below. This usually happens, if the Windows DRM system on your computer is affected as it will not allow you to play the DRM protected media and it can be fixed by following the troubleshooting steps as given below. 




To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect any MP3 players from the PC. 
  1. Run "Command Prompt" as Administrator.

(Start -> All Programs->Accessories-> Right-click on “Command Prompt” and select “Run as Administrator”.) 

  1. Type “cd \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows” in the command prompt box and press Enter.

(It should show something similar to:  “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows>


  1. Type “attrib DRM” next to the above text “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows>

(It should show something as given in the picture below)

  1. Type “attrib -r -s -h DRM && rmdir /s /q DRM && attrib DRM” and press Enter.

(It should display: “File not found – DRM”. It means that the folder has been successfully deleted.)


  1. Launch Rhapsody. You should get a dialog to update Windows Media components.


  1. Click "Upgrade Now". When complete, click "Restart now" to restart your computer.


  1. While the computer is restarting, if you are using an MP3 player with Rhapsody, use the MP3 player menus to reformat your device. NOTE: this will erase everything on it.


  1. After your computer restarts, don't reconnect an MP3 player yet. Launch Rhapsody, and it may need to restore downloads (shown on the left). Please wait until that completes.


  1. If you are using an MP3 player, you can now connect it.


  1. When the device appears in Rhapsody, click on it and follow any steps shown. You should then be able to select the playlists or specific tracks that you want on the device. It should then be able to sync.


  1. You can also download music for offline playback. It should automatically authorize your computer. (You can also go into settings and manually authorize it or you may see that it is already authorized.)

What’s next?

If the above steps doesn't resolve the issue, please click on this LINK and send us the error logs to us by following the instructions as given in the article.


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