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Xbox 360 App Guide


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Get Rhapsody

1) Ensure you have an Xbox Live Gold Membership
2) From your Xbox home screen select Apps
3) Select Search Apps
4) Enter Rhapsody in the search field
5) Select Rhapsody
6) Select Install

Sign In

1) Launch Rhapsody on your Xbox to get your activation code
2) On your PC go to http://www.rhapsody.com/xbox/activate
3) Enter your activation code
4) You're automatically signed in

Home Screen

1) Search - Seach for music in the Rhapsody library
2) Browse - Browse New Releases, Popular Artists, over 250 Radio Stations, and more
3) My Music - All your Rhapsody playlists
4) Radio - Listen to more than 250 Rhapsody Radio stations
5) Settings - View your account information and app version
6) Player - Playback controls


1) From the Xbox home screen, go to System
2) Select Settings
3) Select Storage
4) Select the storage device you downloaded Rhapsody to
5) Select Games And Apps
6) Select Rhapsody
7) Select the Rhapsody file
8) Select Delete


If you're experiencing issues with Rhapsody on your Xbox, try the following:
1) Completely shut off your Xbox and turn it back on
2) Make sure you have the latest version of the Rhapsody app from the Xbox Marketplace
3) Sign out of the app and then back in:
       a) Go to Settings
       b) Select Sign Out
       c) Confirm that you want to sign out
4) If all else fails, completely uninstall and reinstall the app
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