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Rhapsody 4 PC Software Guide


Rhapsody 6 has replaced Rhapsody 4. We offer limited technical support for Rhapsody 4. If the steps below do not resolve your issue, please switch to Rhapsody 6 by downloading it here.

MP3 Player Instructions

iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, Sony Walkman, and Philips players are not compatible with Rhapsody. Rhapsody PC software is not compatible with Mac OS.

Step 1: Authorize your player & computer:

  1. Open the Rhapsody 4 Windows PC software and sign-in
  2. Attach your player to your computer
  3. Install components if prompted and restart Rhapsody
  4. Authorize your computer and MP3 player if prompted




Step 2: Transfer music:

  1. Your MP3 player will appear under Sources. Drag & drop music to the player icon.


  2. Transfer progress shows at the bottom of the software:


  3. When the transfer is complete, right-click the player icon & click Disconnect Device:


Rhapsody 4 PC Software Troubleshooting


Basic steps

1.  Make sure you're on the latest version of the Rhapsody 4 PC software.
      1.  Click the Help menu
      2.  Click Check For Updates
      3.  Install any available updates

2.  Completely shut down your computer and restart it

3.  Open Rhapsody, sign-out, then sign back in. (password problems?)

4.  Re-set the date and time on your computer

5.  Check for hardware driver updates on your PC

6.  Set Rhapsody to "Allowed"  in security software like anti-virus, firewalls & ad blockers.

7.  Reauthorize your computer:
        1.  Sign in to the Rhapsody software
        2.  Click My Account
        3.  Click Deauthorize Computer
        4.  Click My Account
        5.  Click Authorize Computer

8. Clear the Rhapsody cache file
        1.  Close Rhapsody
        2.  Open "My Computer"
        3.  Open the C: drive (Local Disk (C))
        4.  Open the Program Files folder
        5.  Open the Rhapsody folder
        6.  Delete the radfile.rcf file
        7.  Reopen Rhapsody

 9.  Reset Internet Explorer (Rhapsody uses IE even if you don't)

10.  Resynchronize
        1.  Sign in to the Rhapsody software
        2.  Press and hold the CTRL and SHIFT keys and click Tools
        3.  Click Backup and Reset Application Data Directory
        4.  Click Yes when prompted to continue
        5.  Rhapsody should close automatically
        6.  Open Rhapsody

11.  Update Windows components
        1.  Launch Internet Explorer (Rhapsody uses IE even if you don't)
        2.  Navigate to Microsoft's Security Component Upgrade page
        3.  Click Upgrade


Errors with 'authorize,' 'license,' 'DRM,' or 'rights'

1.  If the issue is with a specific song, delete it and re-download it
        1.  Find the song in My Library. Look for the Downloaded Subscription icon chan_icon_download.gif. Do not delete the track if it has a Purchased icon chan_icon_purchased.gif or you will have to re-purchase it.
        2.  Right-click the song you want to delete
        3.  Click Delete
        4.  Check "Also delete tracks from my hard drive". Click OK
        5.  Find the song again and re-download it

2.  Reset Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM


'You could not be signed in', 'Network error' or 'Server error'

1.  Does the internet work? Try www.rhapsody.com from a fresh browser window.

2.  If you're using a router, try bypassing it and plugging your computer directly in to your modem.


Missing tracks, playlists, or library corruption

1.  Were the missing tracks originally imported from your hard drive?
       Use the file import wizard to re-add them to your library:
        1.  Click the File menu
        2.  Click Add Media to My Library

2.  Were the missing tracks saved directly from Rhapsody?
       Re-sync with our servers:
        1.  Open "My Computer"
        2.  Open the C: drive (Local Disk (C))
        3.  Open the Program Files folder
        4.  Open the Rhapsody folder
        5.  Right-click on dbclient and select Run As Administrator
        6.  When the success dialog appears, click OK
        7.  Open Rhapsody

3.  Resynchronize Rhapsody
        1.  Sign in to the Rhapsody software
        2.  Hold the CTRL and SHIFT keys and click Tools
        3.  Click Backup and Reset Application Data Directory
        4.  Click Yes when prompted
        5.  Rhapsody will close automatically
        6.  Open Rhapsody


Script Errors

Solve this issue by signing-out, completely quitting the software and then reopening it, and signing back in. If that does not fix the issue, you may have potentially harmful malware on your computer. Disable the malware by following the steps below, or contact your computer manufacturer.
1. Click Start
2. Select Control Panel
3. Click Administrative Tools
4. Click Services
5. Scroll down, & right-click on
   "Adpeak Proxy"
   "Search Protect by Conduit Updater"
   "My Web Search"
6. Choose Properties.
7. Click the stop button
8. Select Disable or Manual in the Startup Type scroll bar
9. Restart the computer and re-open Rhapsody


If all else fails, reinstall Rhapsody 4.

To completely remove all Rhapsody components:
1.    Close Rhapsody
2.    Open "My Computer"
3.    Open the C: drive (Local Disk (C)
4.    Open the Program Files folder
5.    Open the Rhapsody folder
6.    Right-click on Delete Helix Licenses
7.    Click Properties
8.    In the Target field, replace the "-hxstore" at the end of the text with "-clean_uninstall". Make sure to leave a space between the last quotation mark and "-clean_uninstall"
9.    Click OK
10.  Right-click on Delete Helix Licenses and select Run As Administrator
11.  A black command prompt window opens
12.  Type Yes and press Enter
13.  Type Yes and press Enter again
14.  Restart your computer when prompted
15.  Download and install the latest version of Rhapsody 4.


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