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Rhapsody.com User Guide

Have questions on using the www.rhapsody.com web player? We've got answers. 

Welcome Screen


How to Sign In

1. Go to www.rhapsody.com
2. Sign in using your Facebook account or enter your username and password. (Need password help? Click here.)
3. Click Sign-In.


Home Page

  1. My Music: Your playlists, library and favorites, profile info, and listening history.
  2. unRadio: Ad-free radio - make your own station, listen to a pre-programmed one, or listen to LIVE radio from all over the world.
  3. Featured: Curated playlists, articles, and videos from our editorial experts.
  4. New Releases: New music released every week.
  5. Browse Themes & Genres: find music by mood, by activity, or by genre.
  6. Recent Playlists: playlists you've played, organized by most recent first.


The Player

 Below this list is a diagram showing the various parts of the Player, which is at the bottom of every page of the web player.

  1. Album Art - This is the artwork for the album of the song that's playing.
  2. More Options - Play track, add to playlist or library, share.
  3. Add to Favorite Tracks - Click the heart and the song that's playing will be added to your Favorites.
  4. Song and Artist Name
  5. Progress Slider
  6. Duration
  7. Shuffle - Play the songs in the Mixer in random order.
  8. Repeat - Play the song that's playing over and over.
  9. Previous, Play/Pause, Next - Navigation tools for the songs in the Mixer.
  10. Show/Hide Mixer
  11. Volume Slider



The Mixer

With the Mixer (right side of any web player page), you can:

  1. Save Mixer contents to a playlist
  2. Remove all songs from the Mixer
  3. Click and drag songs to reorder them
  4. Click the X to remove a song


Working with Playlists

Click on “Playlists” from the left panel under My Music

To Edit:

  • Click a playlist name
  • Click the X to remove a song
  • Click and drag to reorder songs

To Delete:

  • Move the mouse pointer to a playlist name
  • Click the X to delete the entire list


Your Library

Your collection of songs, albums, playlists and artists.

  1. Artist List with Filter Bar
  2. Artist Radio
  3. Albums in your library by the selected artist
  4. Tracks in your library by the selected artist
  5. Play & Shuffle Buttons
  6. More Options



Your Favorites

Your collection of Favorite Tracks

  1. Play & Shuffle Buttons
  2. More options
  3. Add to Favorites



Your Profile

Publish to Facebook and connect with other listeners

  1. Your Rhapsody profile name and photo
  2. Listeners that you are following
  3. Listeners that are following you
  4. Your Recent Artists, Listeners, Playlists, and Favorites.



Your Listening History

Your recently played music.

  1. See everything you've played recently, by date.
  2. Choose the songs you want to play.



Browse & Genres

Click on the "Rhapsody" logo in the upper left corner to go to the home page.

Scroll down to see available moods, genres, artists, and more. 




  1. Click on "unRadio" in the left menu.
  2. On the unRadio page, you can see today's Featured Station; Create a Custom Station; see Recent Stations you've played or created; or browse stations by genre.




Hand-crafted, editor-curated playlists about genres, artists and topics from around the world.




General Settings to see, edit your account and sign out. Find them at the gear symbol in the left menu.




Player settings to cross-fade and change the audio quality

  1. Click and drag the slider to Cross-fade the track
  2. Click and drag the cursor to the right to improve Audio Quality or to the left to lower Audio Quality. 


Social settings to connect to Facebook to share your music



1. Open a fresh browser window and go to Rhapsody.com.
2. Sign out of Rhapsody.com by clicking the gear icon next to the Search box in the upper right corner, then sign back in.
3. Reset your browser. Choose your browser below for step-by-step instructions.

4. Restart your computer.

Internet Explorer

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