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Rhapsody PC 6 : How to Migrate Playlists Containing Local Media

How to Migrate Playlists Containing Local Media

You may notice that some of your playlists that contained local media files in Rhapsody 4 have not migrated over automatically in Rhapsody 6. This is because we're now using a song matching service to help build playlists, and no longer support local media files. 

However, you can match the songs that you own. If you own digital music and it’s on your computer, you can use Rhapsody’s CloudSync to match those songs in our catalogue.  Try CloudSync from your Mac or PC at http://www.rhapsody.com/cloudsync

The matching songs will appear in your Rhapsody Library without moving or altering the songs on your computer in any way.  For any songs not matched because they are not in our catalog, please let us know at www.rhapsody.com/requests.  We will do our best to add the missing tracks to our catalog, provided the artists and record companies have enabled the songs for streaming on Rhapsody.

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