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How to stop Rhapsody from prompting to upgrade the membership while listening to music.

When you play any tracks using Rhapsody APP on Android or IOS, the prompt to upgrade the membership may pop up every time when you switch from one screen to another as shown in the screenshot below

This can happen for a few reasons:

This message would pop up if you are trying to play music after the free trial is expired - Click here to upgrade your membership.

Your premium subscription may have expired - Click here to upgrade your membership.

Your credit card may have expired. – Click here to update your payment method.

There may not have been sufficient funds when the payment was attempted.

A temporary connection problem with your bank when the payment was due to be processed

You may have logged into to a different account instead of the active account that you have subscribed. – Please check if you are logged in to the correct account by clicking here.

You may not have logged out and logged back in after updating the new card payment method.

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