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Rhapsody VR


Rhapsody is taking a step into virtual reality by building the first VR experience by a major streaming music service

Users can download the free mobile Rhapsody | Napster VR app for iPhone or Android

Use the app on its own just by moving your smartphone, or opt for a better experience with a Google cardboard virtual reality viewer


App to feature exclusive VR content from SXSW; new content added each month

Exclusive VR content recorded at SXSW during Rhapsody’s co-sponsored event - Flatbush Zombies, Talib Kweli, Eli “Paperboy” Reed

Branded stand-alone Rhapsody & Napster Apps to feature all exclusive VR content

Branded Google cardboard viewers

Promotion & Messaging

Videos will be published to VR app as well as to YouTube and Facebook

More exclusive content will be added on a regular cadence


Stand-alone apps distributed by Rhapsody/Napster: “Rhapsody VR”/ “Napster VR”

iOS and Android apps (Rhapsody and Napster branded apps)

Simple interface to feature available videos

Will support Google Cardboard optimized viewing and non-cardboard viewing

App open to all users with upsell messaging to core app and deep links to artists


Rhapsody VR: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play a video?

To play a video on your smartphone:

Download the free Rhapsody VR app for iPhone or Android (iOS 8 or later; Android 4.3 or later).

Connect to WiFi, choose a video and download the video.

If you have a Google Cardboard viewer, select the Cardboard option and put your smartphone into the viewer. (Be sure to look around to experience all 360 degrees of the video.) Otherwise, select the smartphone option.

If possible, wear headphones or turn up the volume on your device.

Do I have to download a video before playing it?

Yes. You can remove the file from your device after you watch the video.

I’m having trouble downloading the video. What should I do?

Make sure your WiFi is turned on and that your phone doesn’t go to sleep. To prevent your phone from sleeping on iOS, go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock. On Android, go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout > Set timeout to “Never.” Leaving the app will also stop the download process.

I’m experiencing some double vision when using the iPhone app. What should I do?

Ensure the center of the screen is aligned with the center of the viewer. You may need to adjust your phone once you're looking through the viewer to get the alignment just right.

You may also need to turn off the zoom setting on your device. To do this on an iPhone 6, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom > View > Standard. To do this on an iPhone 5, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom.

How do I assemble my Cardboard viewer? What can I do if my phone doesn’t fit?

If you’re having any issues putting your Cardboard together, here is a great overview.

Google Cardboard supports screens between 4 and 6 inches long. If your device is not compatible, you can still experience videos using the smartphone option.

The video looks blurry in my Cardboard viewer.

Ensure your phone is aligned flat against the Cardboard – if it is tilted, the image may appear blurry in the viewer. If your phone is in a case, it may help to remove it.

How do I delete a video after I’ve downloaded it?

Tap the trash icon next to the play button on the video detail screen to delete a downloaded video.

How can I get a Cardboard viewer?

Google’s Cardboard site features a number of cardboard viewers available for purchase.

Will there be more videos available?

Yes, we will be adding more great VR videos on a regular basis.


We would love to hear your feedback on the app. Please send your feedback to rhapsodyVRfeedback@rhapsody.com

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