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Android KB: New Camera permission needed

We introduced a new camera feature with our latest Rhapsody App 5.4.500 on Android Phones. Rhapsody App uses the camera of an Android device to image a payment card which makes it easier for users to simply scan their Credit card and update their payment details rather than manually entering the card information while trying to sign up or update card payment details. This simply lets the users pay for Rhapsody by holding their credit card up to the phone’s camera. We brought this feature into Rhapsody App to speed up the process of inputting credit card numbers on the small screens of mobile devices, like smartphones. Instead of having to manually type in the digits using your phone’s keyboard when adding or modifying the payment details. We also use the camera to take a new photo for your profile page within the Rhapsody Application.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When is the camera used, turned on?
Camera is used/turned on based on user action. The user must click a button to activate the camera. It is only possible to activate the camera when updating on the Credit card form to shortcut having to enter credit card numbers or modifying your or when editing your profile and you wish to take a new photo for your profile.

When it is turned off?
It gets turned off when the user completes the scan of the credit card or when the image is captured for your profile photo and uploaded to the server.

How is the data captured by the camera managed?
This technology uses Optical Character Recognition to decode the Payment Card Numbers. The premise of the feature is to allow for an automated process to read the Payment Card numbers and to secure the data within an encrypted payload.

Is the camera data stored locally only?
No data is stored locally and the images are deleted from memory.

Is the data transmitted off the device? If so, where to? How long is it stored? How is the stored data used?
The data is transmitted off the device to the payment form. The payment information is then used in the credit card processing and discarded. Only the last 4 digits of the credit card are then stored. For profile photos, it is stored on our server until the user replaces the photos with another photo.


If you still have any questions on Camera Permission, please contact Customer Support and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on our services.



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